Voice AI Perceives Emotions in Every World

Dagmar Damazyn

It’s been a while since Facebook announced the renaming of its current parent company to “Meta”. The name represents the already upcoming generation of the Internet: the Metaverse.

As Meta itself recently said, the road to a fully functional Metaverse will take years, maybe 10, maybe 15, maybe less. It’s unclear because it’s still in the early and learning stages.

The intention of development

But what is our goal? Is it a new world? A parallel universe? An augmented experience?

It’s about creating new dimensions, developing technologies, always with the intention of surpassing the human experience. At the very beginning, there is the question of “how”. How can we make experiences, how can they become bigger, more intense, more immersive? Safer?

Human interaction is based on a language, on a context, on a world knowledge that we share. As a Voice AI company, we know that emotion is the key factor. Emotional expression gets us moving, creates movement and a collective response. It is a key factor in society. It is the basis for all the decisions we make.

In creating a virtual reality, new dimensions and augmented experiences, this key factor cannot be missing. In our daily lives, we use emotions and our voice to drive interactions, but this is often done unconsciously. How might our experiences change if we focus on bringing them to the forefront of our consciousness?

Data as a mirror of society

If we look at AI technology as a mirror of society, we can see the potential of data collection and understanding. We must actively do the latter by choosing to focus on the quality rather than primarily the quantity of data. Based on this standard, AI technology trained on human empathy could be used as a feedback loop to focus on the unconscious. AI technology, as used in a meeting situation, could be the key factor of a more efficient and self-referential work environment.

Ethical standards against skepticism

But what if we are moving toward the Uncanny Valley by developing and detecting more and more things? Skepticism about AI technology is palpable in many sectors of society. In many areas, such as the gaming community, there is an openness to the technology.

audEERING develops AI technology according to ethical standards and with the intention of creating value. But there is not THE ONE benefit we could strive for. Recognizing human vocal expressions means creating an individual interaction. It can be a gimmick, an achievement for efficiency in various processes, but also closing a security gap – recognizing something allows you to hide it.

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