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AI SoundLab

This is AI SoundLab
An audio collection platform

AI SoundLab aims to facilitate end-user speech and other data acquisition, data processing, and classification, as well as visualization of the results.

Join us in gathering data using our voice-enabled survey platform and seize the opportunity to expand your services.

Our web-based platform can enable remote triaging and patient status monitoring from voice. With the AI SoundLab, we provide an all-in-one solution.

Technical features
Specific platform settings

Depending on what you’re searching for, AI SoundLab provides the best fit. Several task options for audio recordings, additionally the possibility to connect the platform to our Voice AI technology devAIce®.

devAIce® is audEERING’s core technology for voice and audio analysis. It’s available as Web API and SDK. openSMILE is the most used open source tool for voice analysis. It has been developed by audEERING® and it’s used for several studies by many different institutions. The openSMILE feature extractor is available with devAIce®.

Prioritizes privacy and security, adhering to GDPR regulations and employing robust data protection measures.

With a personal account on AI SoundLab, contributors as well as patients, have full control over their delivered data. The audio data and personal information are stored on servers in Germany and can be deleted whenever wanted. 

The recording library integrated into the platform supports and ensures the best audio quality for your study. Thanks to the library, every audio recording that cannot reach a defined audio quality is rejected.

Respiratory Health
Try out the demo

Click on the button to enter the health demo as an anonymous user, that we’ve created for you inside the AI SoundLab platform. This demo analyzes cough and vocal parameters to estimate how healthy your voice sounds.

More about Healthcare

DISCLAIMER: This demo is not a medical product, and it does not provide medical advice.

More demos to test
Voice in market research

This is a market research study. Just describe what you see, and the results can tell you which product description sounds more positive and elicits higher activation in your voice expression.

More about Market Research 

Data is key.

Collect the data you need to get deep insights.

Product Owner Talk with Hesam Sagha

We talked to Hesam Sagha, the product owner of audEERING’s AI SoundLab platform.


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Mental well-being
At sea, at home, everywhere​

Mental well-being is important in every context. But some circumstances make it difficult to stay mentally and physically healthy.
Long-term data and real-time feedback provide important results and create heightened awareness.
This Safetytech Accelerator pilot was a collaboration between Hilo, TORM, and audEERING® to gain insights into the psychological well-being of mariners. 
The resulting case study demonstrates the use of the human voice to gain insights into mental well-being.

MS-Study together with
Biogen and Inselspital Bern

In collaboration with Biogen and the University Inselspital Bern, we have collected data using AI SoundLab and evaluated the possibility of detecting MS, depression and fatigue in MS patients with EDSS < 4 

Details of this study are published in InterSpeech 2023: 

  • MS detection: 67% accuracy 
  • Depression detection: 76% accuracy 
  • Fatigue detection: 74% accuracy

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