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For further info material for press, Talks, interviews with audEERING staff, reports on our technology or similar issues please contact our extern communication manager. 

Corinna Leschke
Director Communications
press agency schoesslers

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Find below the logo and photos of audEERING®, our executive management, and our technology.

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Press Releases

Please be advised that due to the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of our industry and global events, information contained in press releases dated prior to 2023 may no longer be accurate or reflective of current conditions. We encourage visitors to consider the context and date of publication when reviewing historical press releases. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to our latest news and announcements or contact our press office directly. Thank you for your understanding as we adapt to these ever-changing times.

September 19, 2018
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Prof. Dagmar Schuller,
CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Florian Eyben,
CTO & Co-Founder

Executive Management

Today, audEERING® is led by CEO Prof. Dagmar Schuller & CTO Dr. Florian Eyben.


audEERING® wants to shape the future. Therefore we are a active member in many associations:

Awards & Recognitions

audEERING® received many awards and recognitions for its cutting-edge technology:

  • VDE award 2019
  • Vision award 2019 
  • Innovationspreis Bayern 2018 
  • Vendor to watch 2017 – Gartner
  • BVM Innovation Prize 2017 
  • Innovator of the year 2017
    dmexco digital innovation world cup

Excellence in Science

audEERING® was awarded with a rare Proof-of-Concept Grant by the European Research Council. Funded under H2020 for Excellence Science, audEERING® developed its patented VocEmoAPI technology as trendsetting and market-disrupting technology. We are consortium members of various EU- and BMBF-funded research projects, providing and advancing leading Audio AI solutions.