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AI in Healthcare

Transforming healthcare with
Voice-based technologies

Based on the latest scientific research advancements and clinical data, audEERING®’s products aim to revolutionize healthcare for neurodegenerative and neurocognitive diseases. We believe that voice can be the new blood if it is used effectively and integrated into healthcare processes and research. It enables fundamental change and has an impact on several areas of healthcare

  • Early Symptom Detection
  • Screening  
  • Enhanced Therapies 

Early detection
And individual treatments

Diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s,
strokes as well as depressions, autism, traumata or 
burn-out is causing adverse effects worldwide in the hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

Early detection and more individual therapies help people to live longer and better lives. Additionally, a lot of ineffective healthcare spending can be saved. 

Voice biomarker detection
The power of voice

At audEERING®, we are dedicated to leveraging the power of voice to improve healthcare outcomes. Our cutting-edge AI technology enables early symptom detection, patient screening, and enhanced therapies for individuals with neurodegenerative and neurocognitive diseases. With our web-based platform, we make voice-based biomarker analysis easily accessible, utilizing the ubiquity of microphones and prioritizing privacy and security to comply with GDPR regulations.

Below you can see some of the results of our highly controlled research projects. The results show the accuracy of detecting certain diseases by using voice.

Research done at audEERING®
Powered by Voice AI

  • Covid-19: 12 stable voice biomarkers
  • Stress level: 0.7 Correlation Coefficient
  • Schizophrenia: 85% accuracy
  • Parkinson’s: 92 % accuracy
  • Multiple-Sclerosis (EDSS<4): 67% accuracy
  • Narcolepsy: 72 % accuracy
  • Depression: 76 % accuracy
  • Fatigue: 74 % accuracy

"We aim to enhance the potential of AI technology, and to increase health and well-being."

AI SoundLab Application

AI SoundLab by audEERING®
First step done with audio collection

Our audio collector, the product that became famous in the early days of the pandemic, forms the foundation for medical research into various neurodegenerative diseases. 

The most recent research conducted by audEERING® in collaboration with Inselspital Bern and Biogen focused on the detection of vocal biomarkers for multiple sclerosis as well as typical comorbidities associated with MS.

Cutting-edge solutions
Easy to handle

  • Mass deployable sensor 
    only standard microphone needed  
  • Easy access 
    for anyone, anytime, anywhere with a web connection
  • Easy implementation in care processes  
    telemedicine, apps 
  • Short and long term application 
    on-the-spot and monitoring 
  • Easy fusion 
    combination with core AI technology devAIce® for automatic voice analysis
  • Secure 
    GDPR-compliant; full control over your data; processing on servers in Germany
  • Quality control
    Less waste by checking the audio quality in the recording library

Powerful features of
Web-based technology

Our voice-based AI solution offers a range of key features: 

Our web-based technology ensures easy access for individuals and healthcare professionals alike, using only a microphone and a web-browser with internet connectivity. 

Depending on what you’re searching for, AI SoundLab provides the best fit. Several task options for audio recordings, additionally the possibility to connect the platform to our Voice AI technology devAIce®.

With a personal account on AI SoundLab contributores – so as patients – have the full control over their delivered data. The audio data and personal information are stored on servers in Germany and can be deleted whenever wanted. 

openSMILE is the most used Open Source for voice analysis. It has been developed by audEERING® and it’s used for several studies by many different institutions. The openSMILE feature extractor is available with devAIce®.

devAIce® is audEERING’s core technology for voice and audio detection. It’s available as Web API and SDK. 

Prioritizes privacy and security, adhering to GDPR regulations and employing robust data protection measures.

Try out a demo
As an anonymous user

Respiratory Health: This demo analyses your cough and voice and estimates how healthy your voice is. 

ATTENTIONThis demo is not a medical product, and it does not provide medical advice. 

Detected voice biomarkers
How to use & applicate

These are some real-world applications, which show the potential and value given by the easy-to-use solution of voice analysis: 

In the modern days, stress, depression and anxiety are becoming more and more the source of mental breakdown. Easy and inexpensive daily check-ups via voice analysis will help to detect early the symptoms and call for protective acts.  

Early detection and monitoring of voice biomarkers can aid in the diagnosis and management of conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. 

Voice analysis facilitates the screening and monitoring of neurocognitive disorders like dementia, providing valuable insights for treatment. 

By analyzing voice biomarkers, tailored therapies can be developed and adjusted based on individual responses, optimizing patient outcomes. 

Voice analysis along with online surveys as patient-reported outcome measures (PROM) support risk stratification of patients who received surgery. 

Projects & clients
Together working on healthAI

Mental well-being
At sea, at home, everywhere​

Mental well-being is important in every context. But some circumstances make it difficult to stay mentally and physically healthy.
Long-term data and real-time feedback provide important results and create heightened awareness.
This Safetytech Accelerator pilot was a collaboration between Hilo, TORM, and audEERING® to gain insights into the psychological well-being of mariners. 
The resulting case study demonstrates the use of the human voice to gain insights into mental well-being.

Multiple Sclerosis and
Its comorbidities

In collaboration with Biogen and University Hospital Bern, we have collected data using AI SoundLab and evaluated the possibility of detecting MS, depression and fatigue in MS patients with EDSS < 4

  • MS detection: 67% accuracy 
  • Depression detection: 76% accuracy 
  • Fatigue detection: 74% accuracy 


Details of this study are published in Interspeech 2023. 

devAIce® SDK
Running on robot Pepper

Improving autism therapy for children is possible through robotics and voice analysis. Based on individual data collection as part of the ERIK project, audEERING® has developed an AI-based therapy concept together with partners.

Robotics is the future of health and medical development. In some cases, such as in therapy with autistic children, but also in elderly care, robots offer targeted support that brings incredible added value for clients. For instance, autistic children, as well as older people, react positively and benevolently to humanoid robots.

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