Augment interaction with an AI agent that is aware of expressions and natural communication.

Augmented Reality

AR enables the real world to become much more

Enter the realm of Augmented Reality (AR), where the fusion of digital information and the physical world enriches training and learning experiences. In this sub-use-case, we’ll explore the powerful integration of Voice AI technology within AR environments, specifically focusing on its application in AI-assisted training contexts. Discover how this convergence revolutionizes learning paradigms and enhances training efficiency. 

The Intersection of AR and Voice AI

AR, known for overlaying digital elements onto the real world, combined with Voice AI technology, brings forth a new era in training methodologies. This synergy empowers learners by offering immersive, hands-on experiences enriched by real-time voice interaction. By integrating Voice AI within AR environments, the training process becomes more intuitive, interactive, and efficient, fostering deeper engagement and knowledge retention. 

AI assistance in training
With the support of AR

Within training contexts, Voice AI in AR environments acts as an AI assistant, guiding and supporting learners throughout their educational journey. These AI assistants leverage natural language processing and voice recognition to provide personalized assistance, answering queries, offering instructions, and providing real-time feedback. This personalized guidance significantly enhances the learning process, enabling learners to navigate complex tasks with ease. 


Applications of AI-assisted Training in AR: 

  1. Technical Skill Development: AR coupled with Voice AI assists in teaching technical skills by overlaying instructions, step-by-step guides, and real-time feedback, allowing learners to practice and refine their abilities. 
  1. Simulation-based Learning: Voice AI in AR facilitates immersive simulations, replicating real-world scenarios where learners interact with digital objects and receive AI-guided instructions, allowing for safe and controlled training experiences. 
  1. Language Learning and Pronunciation Improvement: AI-assisted AR environments aid in language learning by providing pronunciation correction and conversational practice through voice interaction. 

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Expression dimensions.
Infinitely customizable.


Minimal requirements. Perfomance on any platform.


Human like interaction speed.
Adaptable reaction time.

Benefits of Voice AI in AR Training


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entertAIn play emotion detection with simulation crew

Success story for The Simulation Crew

“Expressions are an integral part of our interactions,” says Eric Jutten, CEO of the Dutch company The Simulation Crew. To ensure their VR trainer, Iva, uses empathetic competences, they looked for a solution. devAIce XR helped them to integrate Voice AI into their product. Read the complete story.

Summarized values In AR

The integration of Voice AI technology within AR training environments represents a transformative leap in educational methodologies. By harnessing the power of AR’s immersion and Voice AI’s interactivity, training becomes more engaging, efficient, and effective. The AI-assisted AR experience redefines learning by offering personalized, hands-on training that prepares individuals for real-world challenges. 

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Hanson Robotics

Hanson AI. Developing Meaningful AI Interactions.
Hanson Robotics LTD. ,
AI & robotics company

Sales Boost

Based on the devAIce® Web API, SalesBoost developed its own metric to meet the needs of its customers.
Sales Boost LLC,
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Jabra Elite 85h

These headphones offer an optimal sound experience thanks to intelligent acoustic scene analysis.
Smart Headphones,
by Jabra
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“With entertAIn observe we were able to massively shorten the analysis time.”
Christian Ress,
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Patient Comfort Simulator

“It helped us add a new layer of emotional interaction to our scenarios in VR.”
Eric Jutten,
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“audEERING’s audio intelligence is a powerful and flexible component that can adapt quickly.”
Simon Clarke,
Head of Operations
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The German call center 11880 uses callAIser™ for easier handling of their customers.
Emotional state,
callcenter performance
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Market Builder Voice

“It detects certain aspects of emotions just as well from audio recordings as humans can do it.”
Prof. Dr. Raimund Wildner,
Managing Director & Vice President