Company Profile

Key Facts

  • Founded in 2012 in Gilching near Munich, Germany
  • Devlopment of SaaS and SDKs for AI based audio analysis
  • Over 70 employees
  • 55 % of our employees hold an academic degree, 31 % a PhD
  • 2 offices in Gliching near Munich and Berlin
  • Holder of a Proof-of-Concept Grant by the European Research Council funded under H2020
  • Multi-award-winning technology, including the Bavarian Innovation Prize 2018, and the VDE Award 2019


audEERING was founded in 2012 as a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich. Today, audEERING is the only European company driving innovation in the field of intelligent audio analysis and emotional artificial intelligence. Using innovative machine intelligence and deep learning techniques, audEERING’s products are able to automatically analyze e. g. acoustic scenes, speaker states as well as emotional states. audEERING’s customers include multinational companies such as Huawei, BMW, GfK, Red Bull Media House and Ipsos.


Our technology evaluates very short voice recordings based on emotional characteristics like pitch, voice timbre, intonation and speech rhythm. Based on this evaluation it
enables to define how emotionally excited somebody is. The evaluation combines the content analysis of a person’s answers – what the person says – with the implicit emotional components. This works based on an algorithm which gathers data sets and classifies, sorts and matches them with cluster values. Our software can calculate up to 6.000 audio characteristics and can identify emotional nuances in order to match them with concrete emotions.

Our Products

  • Health AI: Voice Analysis enables for early detection, as well as enhanced therapy and monitoring of many diseases. Voice Biomarkers are used for neuro-cognitive and neuro-degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore for viral infections like COVID-19 or psychlogical disorders.
  • Audio AI for Software & Hardware: devAIce™ offers easy integration of AI based audio analysis into our client’s products. It enables emotions and scene detection to enhance apps, software or smart devices.
  • Market Research: Emotions of clients are analyzed through voice and sound events like laughter. This allows our customer to speed up their product testing and gain deeper insights with different target groups.
  • Call Center: Agents get real time information about the emotional state of the caller. They can react quicker and more emphatic to increase customer satisfaction significantly.
  • Gaming Industry: Our emotion AI technology is utilized in three main use cases. Active emotion detection as input for games, passive monitoring of emotions for child safety, and play testing applications for faster development iterations.