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We advance AI research to develop cutting-edge Audio AI technology.

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audEERING drives AI research as a consortium member of various EU- and BMBF-funded research projects, providing and advancing leading Audio AI solutions. Funded under H2020 for Excellence Science audEERING developed its patented VocEmoAPI technology as trendsetting and market-disrupting technology. audEERING also holds a rare Proof-of-Concept Grant by the European Research Council.

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Science for
Voice AI

Research at audEERING focuses on all fields related to the analysis of the human voice to enhance communication between humans and machines. Emotion Detection, Speaker Identification, Voice biomarkers and many more resarch fields can provide us with relevant information about the speaker: Is the person happy or angry, healthy or sick, young or old? Our researchers are well-known experts in their respective areas. They use the latest AI methods like Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) and unsupervised learning to constantly develop our market-leading technology.

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Public Funded
Research Projects

At audEERING, we believe that the latest scientific findings must be used for the benefit of all. That is why we utilize our know-how in numerous public research projects. Our AI and speech researchers work on projects funded by the EU, the German federal government, the Fraunhofer Institute and many other renowned institutions.

Internships, Thesis, or PhDs welcome!

Are you studying in the field of AI, audio DSP, speech analysis or a related field? Then come to us. audEERING offers young researchers various opportunities to deepen their knowledge in AI research and to work with internationally renowned experts. Contact us for an internship, your Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis!

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devAIce® – audio AI for software and hardware

Learn more about our devAIce®. audEERING’s lightweight Technology for emotion detection, scene detection and many other purposes.

audEERING, a german based AI company

audEERING GmbH is a world leading innovator in the field of AI Voice Analysis. Learn more about audEERING and our company’s vision.