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XR & Voice AI technology

Voice AI in XR
Unique interaction and immersion

This is the peak of immersive technology.

This is where Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) come together as part of an entire XR universe. In this digital age, the fusion of XR and Voice AI technology has opened up a world of unique interaction and immersion.

Dive into the world of XR with us and learn how audEERING’s groundbreaking devAIce® XR plugin, which seamlessly integrates with the Unity and Unreal engines, is redefining the boundaries of immersive experiences.

Defining & enabling

XR, an umbrella term encompassing AR, VR, and MR, transcends traditional boundaries by merging the physical and digital worlds.

  • AR overlays digital content onto the real world
  • VR immerses users into entirely simulated environments
  • MR combines aspects of both, enabling interactions with digital elements while existing in the real world

The synergy of these technologies in XR creates dynamic, interactive, and captivating experiences, revolutionizing industries from gaming and entertainment to education and healthcare. 

VR immerses users into entirely simulated environments.

AR overlays digital content onto the real world.

a boy wearing virtual reality goggles

MR is enabling interactions with digital elements while existing in the real world.

devAIce® modules integrated to kick off the XR project

Below you can find a list of the key modules of devAIce® XR – the game engine plugin for Unity and Unreal: 

entertAIn play emotion detection with simulation crew

Success story for The Simulation Crew

“Emotions are an integral part of our interactions,” says Eric Jutten, CEO of the Dutch company The Simulation Crew. They looked for a solution to ensure their VR trainer, Iva, uses empathetic competencies. devAIce® XR helped them to integrate Voice AI into their product. Read the complete story.

devAIce® to capture expressions
& much more

Learn more about our core technology devAIce®.
audEERING’s lightweight solution enables the integration of Voice & Audio AI for expression perception, scene recognition, and many other modules that can be customized for different use cases: 

Expression dimensions.
Infinitely customizable.

Minimal requirements. Perfomance on any platform.

Human like interaction speed.
Adaptable reaction time.

Human like interaction speed.
Adaptable reaction time.

Customers, Projects & Success Stories

audEERING reference Hanson Robotics

Hanson Robotics

Hanson AI. Developing Meaningful AI Interactions.
Hanson Robotics LTD. ,
AI & robotics company

Sales Boost

Based on the devAIce® Web API, SalesBoost developed its own metric to meet the needs of its customers.
Sales Boost LLC,
audEERING customer jabra GN

Jabra Elite 85h

These headphones offer an optimal sound experience thanks to intelligent acoustic scene analysis.
Smart Headphones,
by Jabra
audEERING customer PlaytestCloud


“With entertAIn observe we were able to massively shorten the analysis time.”
Christian Ress,
audEERING customer the simulation cres

Patient Comfort Simulator

“It helped us add a new layer of emotional interaction to our scenarios in VR.”
Eric Jutten,
audEERING customer emteq labs


“audEERING’s audio intelligence is a powerful and flexible component that can adapt quickly.”
Simon Clarke,
Head of Operations
audEERING customer 11880


The German call center 11880 uses callAIser™ for easier handling of their customers.
Emotional state,
callcenter performance
audEERING customer GFK

Market Builder Voice

“It detects certain aspects of emotions just as well from audio recordings as humans can do it.”
Prof. Dr. Raimund Wildner,
Managing Director & Vice President