iMotions integrated Voice Analysis
into powerful multimodal software

Integrating Voice AI
Powering Human Insights

The integration of audEERING’s advanced AI-powered audio analysis technology, devAIce®, into iMotions’ comprehensive biometric research platform, allows researchers, market researchers, and academic professionals to gain deeper insights into people’s underlying paralinguistic responses and expressions. 

With audEERING’s voice analysis technology, iMotions’ customers can access the multidimensional expression model to measure a voice’s valence, arousal, and dominance. The analysis allows reliable conclusions about a person’s paralinguistic expression.

All available devAIce® modules: 

  • VAD
  • Vocal expression analysis
  • Speaker attributes
  • Prosody

With iMotions’ Voice Analysis Module, voice data can be integrated into the iMotions software for synchronization and analysis along with various other measures of unconscious function. These include eye tracking, skin conductance, EEG, ECG, EMG, and facial expression analysis.


Vocal expression
Synchronized with others

iMotions is the world’s leading software platform for studying the drivers behind human behaviour.

Partnering with audEERING® means integrating the EU market leader in AI-based audio analytics.

Together we want to expand and improve the research and analysis possibilities for human behavior.

With the integration of voice analysis, iMotions’ multimodal software platform now provides access to more than 10 different research methods from more than 50 different technologies.

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