Media Mentions

Media Mentions

audEERING® is the world-leading innovator in audio intelligence, and is continuously featured in various media from all over Europe. Take a look at articles, reports, news, and television shows featuring audEERING’s valuable Voice AI.

Was die Stimme aussagt

Was Forschende aus der Stimme herauslesen und wie sie sich anpassen lässt
February 9, 2024

Think Big!

Künstliche Intelligenz – „Uns fehlt das Think Big“
February 27, 2024

Stimmanalyse mit KI

Roboter entdecken Krankheiten
August 7, 2023

Deutsche KI-Pionierin im Interview

„Unsere Inspiration war die Serie Knight Rider“
May 24, 2023

When AI hears a problem

In Machines We Trust Podcast
May 17, 2023


Diagnosis: Future - The Expert Podcast
June 19, 2022


Artifical Intelligence in Medicine: "It must feel like a human, not a robot".
December 5, 2022


audEERING presents AI SoundLab
January 27, 2023

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Talk about Artificial Intelligence
February 26, 2023

Forum MedTech Pharma

The technology - that can recognize emotions and health information from the voice
May 10, 2023


Plusminus took a look around the start-up scene and at a global corporation.
September 21, 2022


Dagmar Schuller about COVID-19 detection from voice
February 7, 2022

RTL news

"Corona: App could soon replace the stick test"
January 12, 2022

Kleine Zeitung

"Not a utopia: hearing Covid-19 through your voice with artificial intelligence"
January 8, 2022

The Age of AI Podcast

"AI to Diagnose Diseases Just From Hearing Your Voice"
December 3, 2021


"The voice miracle - How technology creates new business models for everything to do with speech"
October 23, 2021

Süddeutsche Zeitung

"We can hear the virus"
April 2, 2021


"The sound makes the music"
April 7, 2021


"This app gives corona diagnoses based on coughs"
July 22, 2020


"Audeering: Emotional Speech Recognition Using Artificial Intelligence"
May 9, 2019

Deutsche Welle

"Machine learning revolutionizes medicine"
December 27, 2020

IHK München und Oberbayern

"IHK München und Oberbayern: "Vizepräsidentin Dagmar Schuller - Wir brauchen endlich einen Plan""
August 26, 2021


"T3N: "Corona-Test via Stimme: KI-Startup Audeering kriegt das hin""
August 26, 2021


"ada magazin: "KI erkennt Corona - an der Stimme""
August 17, 2021


"Wayra Telefónica Innovation: "Empowering women in entrepreneurship: 10 female – led startups in Germany""
July 14, 2021