Academic License

Apply to get a license for research on voice granted

Dive deep into your data with Voice AI. With audEERING’s academic license for students and researchers, we enable you to integrate our technology into your projects.

As a company with high-quality standards, we are strongly research-oriented. We support your academic project if you are not able to pay for our technology and have no funding. Apply now at with a short description of your project and goals, to give us the chance to evaluate and understand it in detail. Therefore we grant free access to our software for high-value approaches and ideas. Tell us how audEERING’s Voice AI technology can support you. What we need from you:

  1. Personal information including CV
  2. Institution with proof of enrollment
  3. Project description with optional references
  4. License selection by choosing a product

This license covers only research projects. If you are not from a university or institutional background, please click here for commercial licenses.