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Ethical guideline

The development and implementation of an AI-based solution is linked to an enormous responsibility. At audEERING®, we are aware of the great trust that comes with handling sensitive data. Our commitment to ethical principles is not just a foundation, but a driving force in our work. We follow the vision of developing technologies that create added value for each and every one of us – privately, professionally and medically.

Beneficence & Empathy

[bəˈnɛfɪsəns] & [ˈɛmpəθi]
We prioritize beneficence and empathy, ensuring that our Voice and Audio AI benefits users without compromise. Our user-centric approach focuses on understanding different needs and rejects the optimization of expression for third-party goals.


Inclusivity is paramount to ensure that the benefits of audio and speech are accessible to all and free from bias. We are determined: No user should face prejudice, and we promote fair and unbiased voice and audio AI for all.

Innovation & Future Prospects

[ˌɪnəˈveɪʃən] & [ˈfjʊtʃər ˈprɒspɛkts]
Innovation and research are driving our path in voice and audio AI. We actively participate in EU and BMBF-funded projects and redefine standards with ground-breaking technologies. Our vision goes beyond excellence; it is about creating and promoting technically advanced and ethically sound solutions.

Transparency & Consent

[trænsˈpærənsi] & [kənˈsɛnt]
Transparency and consent form the ethical backbone of our voice and audio AI. Clear communication with users enables informed decisions, while continuous consent emphasises ongoing user engagement. We are committed to transparent updates that ensure users remain in control of their interactions, fostering trust and empowerment.

We believe in the power of voice to connect, inspire, and transform.


Voice is the mirror of the soul.

We believe that everything we create should have a positive value for people and individuals. The acoustic sources created by voice, speech and environmental sounds are a font of information from which we can draw.

Human behaviour happens in interaction, always in a specific context and is surrounded by complexity. We focus on the voice because it gives us orientation in everyday life, creates clarity, can draw insights, and represents clear added value for people and individuals in the medical field.


We advocate for better, fairer, and more diverse technology development and use, that’s why we must dig deep into human needs. Our fundamental thought is a respectful interest in human behavior and a desire to come closer to understanding human complexity through voice.

We conduct research and development with a clear understanding of the potential impact of our technologies. We consider ethical issues from the outset and are willing to rethink our practices to ensure that our technologies are socially responsible.

Through open dialogue, we strive to share best practices and jointly develop solutions to ethical challenges.


Empathetic AI

We offer easy-to-implement solutions via Web API, SDK, or Unity/Unreal plug-in. These have been trained on millions of acoustic data points. We use deep neural networks and unsupervised learning to train and recognize the tone of voice, vocal biomarkers, acoustic parameters, age, gender, and other attributes from voice, speech, and acoustic environments. 

Our client portfolio includes big tech, pharma, market research, immersive games, education, and entertainment.

Connecting technology to human needs. Voice is our choice because it has the power to identify genuine demands.

Creating inclusive research
Rooted in university

The roots of audEERING® lie in the AI research group of Prof Björn Schuller at TUM. audEERING® was founded in 2012 as a joint vision of visionaries such as Dagmar Schuller, Dr. Florian Eyben, Dr. Felix Weninger, and Dr Martin Wöllmer.

From ground-breaking speech analytics to the detection of vocal biomarkers for disease prevention, our work transcends conventional boundaries.

As a dynamic, research-driven German company, we specialize in the development of innovative B2B software products for voice and audio analysis.

These are our heroes

At the heart of our company are the people who invest every day in a common WHY. A passionate team of visionaries, engineers, developers, creatives and voice professionals. All bringing their unique skills and perspectives to our shared mission: Aligning machines with human needs.

With a thriving team of over 60 employees, our headquarters in Gilching, nestled in the high-tech park next to DLR, and our R&D office in the vibrant heart of Berlin-Mitte are hubs for creativity and technological breakthroughs.

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We make technology a real companion. The future is now! And we are a big part of it. Join our diverse voices to make empathy a part of future development.


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Blog posts

We regularly publish blog posts on interesting topics relating to Voice AI, background information, updates on our technologies and project insights.


In the meantime, over two decades of experience from the fields of phonetics, linguistics, speech science and affective computing have formed the basis of our technology. We encourage research-based development and promote young talents.

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