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Market Research

Voices matter
To know your clients better

With audEERING’s automated Voice AI, it’s like reading a person’s needs as you observe them in daily life. Leverage the power of your target audience’s voice by integrating vocal expression analysis with devAIce® into your market research study.

  • Standardized & reproducible measurement
  • Easily to scale
  • Objective & comparable results
  • Swift analysis of large data sets
  • Gain insights beyond words

Get an advantage through vocal insights.

audEERING’s technology detects expression dimensions based on proven psychological models, providing a deeper insight into understanding your clients’ desires.

From the dimensions of Arousal & Valence, scores for expressions like disinterest, irritation, excitement, and relaxation can be derived:

  • Valence tells you how positive or negative an expression is. It infers whether a stimulus had a pleasant or an unpleasant effect on a person.
  • Arousal represents the activity level of an expression; e.g. relaxation has a lower arousal than anger. It is an indicator of personal relevance & attachment to the stimulus.

Evaluate the actual impact of your customers’ voices with our award-winning Voice AI technology devAIce®.

Product testing demo
AI SoundLab study

Create the study you need, to figure out what your clients want. With AI SoundLab you get 20 years of research and academic experience, combined with an easy-to-use interface. AI SoundLab is audEERING®’s platform for research and health.

For a firsthand look at the potential of voice AI in market research, explore our product testing demo on AI SoundLab.

An engaging interface to make valuable use of tone analysis:

  1. Calibrate for the best voice fit
  2. Respond to two survey questions
  3. Review automatic voice analysis results

Market research parameters can be derived from the expression dimensions of valence and arousal.


Empathy is the key to a successful and happy customer journey. 


Happy customer journeys
Through empathy

Through voice analysis, you get expressive results, as impressive as traditional in-person interviews.

Studies show how important empathetic customer interaction is for strengthening customer relationships. Especially with increasing digitalization and the use of automated technologies, the importance of affection-oriented systems is higher than ever.

Voice AI makes customers happier by detecting what they like or don’t  – based on voice analysis. 

"Improve product or communication testing with emotional feedback! Our method analyzes the emotional state of your customers during the evaluation. This gives you a comprehensive insight into the emotional user experience."
MW Research are a longterm customer from audEERING.

Audio samples
Listen to what they say


Irritation: Negative valence with a hint of high arousal.


Excitement: Positive valence with high arousal.


Disinterest: Negative valence with a hint of low arousal.


Relaxation: Hint of positive valence with low arousal.


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Our core-technology

For special market research cases, devAIce® is available as a Web API, and SDK. 

As well as the devAIce® XR plug-in for Unity and Unreal: Enabling new ways of product testing in the future of the metaverse.

The core technology of audEERING® is the audio analysis AI technology that automatically analyzes around 7000 acoustic parameters. As part of our Analysis Service and Full-Service market research solution, you provide us with the audio data and we analyze for it you.

Generating audio data
With AI SoundLab

AI SoundLab is the research platform for voice and voice biomarkers. As an audio collector, it is possible to:

  • record audios
  • save speaker information
  • create a targeted survey

In the end, you’ll get comparable results that give you insights you’d otherwise only get from an in-person interview.

This is Voice AI
The way to gain vital insights

A complete service with individual packages. Based on our expertise, we work with you to find the best solution for your market research. What we need is collected data to provide the vital insights you need to better understand your target audience. You can choose between various service options, from analysis service to customized service.

What customers ask about Voice AI

Some frequently asked questions about our Emotion AI solutions.

You pay per analyzed audio hour. If you use AI SoundLab for recordings you pay per account and used audio.

No. In the Market Research case we do the analysis for you, based on customized parameters, by using our AI technology devAIce®. Only in special cases customers integrate devAIce® as SDK, web API or as a plug-in (suitable for XR applications).

No. AI SoundLab is a platform for research and health. It’s specialized for audio surveys and audio collection. Additionally automized analysis is possible in several cases, due to a devAIce® integration into AI SoundLab. 

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