Introducing the Next-Gen Call Center Tool for
Enhanced Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Jabra's Engage AI
Powered by audEERING

The integration of audEERING’s advanced AI-powered audio analysis technology devAIce® into the call center context provides a new level of agent and customer experience. The tool fits into numerous contexts, always with the goal of improving communication.

Based on the emotion dimensions, the emotional expression of agents and customers is at the center of the action. A focus that ensures better results.

Engage AI. It's the HOW that matters.


Measure what really matters.

In human communication, a lot of information is exchanged.
Some of them have a greater impact on how successful the conversation is.
Body language is important in understanding what a communication partner is conveying.

But how can you check it during a phone call?

The tone of voice – the way we speak and use our voice – embodies 38% of the information conveyed.

Based on the analysis of tone of voice, audEERING’s technology allows to capture the vocal expression in a phone call between agent and customer.

The science behind it. Powered by devAIce®

audEERING developed in cooperation with its partner Jabra deep learning AI models, millions parameters inside it, trained on millions of data points. Annotated by humans to figure out what is a positive, what is a negative tone of voice. 

Analyze. Optimize. devAIce®.

Feedback is the key element for successful supervision. Engage AI is the tool that provides long-term and objective insights. This information is based on real-time analytics and is contextual. Engage AI is already in use and supports 57% of supervisors in their role by facilitating the right time for coaching and conversations.
86% of supervisors say Engage AI helps them better connect with their employees.

45% of call center companies are investing more in staff training & development. Customer satisfaction is becoming the most important measure of a call center’s success across the board.

Recruiting supported with Engage AI brings the best possible insight into the future call center experience. With the help of Engage AI, realistic simulations of phone calls can be mapped. How does the candidate behave when talking to angry customers? How well does Engage AI support him in assessing his own behavior and controlling the course of a conversation?

Furthermore, 57% of supervisors think that Engage AI contributes to faster onboarding.

Call centers need insights into customer satisfaction and collect data for this purpose in order to increase satisfaction as best as possible. With Engage AI and audEERING technology, no direct personal data is collected, personal information such as names, addresses, contact information, etc. is not collected and the analysis results are not stored as Engage AI analyzes in real-time. For this reason, we can recommend Engage AI for Privacy & Compliance, as it covers both the needs of the company (measuring customer satisfaction) and the needs of the privacy department.

Conversational leadership is context bound. Poor working conditions thus have a direct impact on the course of a conversation.
Strengthening working conditions and thus employee satisfaction has a holistic effect that can be pursued with Engage AI.
What about the general satisfaction of the employees? How do the conversations proceed and do the results of the analysis give an indication that e.g. breaks, supervisions, staff meetings should be arranged to stabilize the satisfaction?

Choose from which perspective you want to integrate it. Not if.

Engage AI is the 360° solution for Customer Experience Management, Human Resources, and Privacy & Compliance. 

Improved use of voice.
Increased corporate activities.


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Experience the future way of communication. Phone calls as effective and empathic as a face to face conversation.

In cooperation with our long-term partner Jabra.