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Find the solution you’re looking for with just one click. We offer you the opportunity to make the voices of your customers an essential part of your product. So human needs in harmony with software and hardware – inclusive unlimited ways of implementation. 


devAIce® is audEERING’s technology available as SDK, Web API and plug-in for XR applications. It brings all models together to provide you with the best solution and the best customization for your product.

devAIce® XR

devAIce® XR integrating expressions into virtuality. It’s the plug-in for Unity and Unreal. Mood detection brings a new depth of immersion into XR projects.

AI SoundLab

AI SoundLab is audEERING’s audio data collector. With our web-based platform, we make voice-based biomarker analysis easily accessible. Utilizing the ubiquity of microphones, we prioritize privacy and security to comply with GDPR regulations.

Our technology

Our internationally renowned research team has more than two decades of experience in the field of Audio & Voice AI. 

As a pioneer, we are committed to developing innovative AI solutions that are customized for B2B clients. Experience the audEERING® difference through our products – carefully designed to enhance user experiences across multiple domains.

As proud custodians of the open-source audio analysis toolkit openSMILE, we believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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