Discover how Markets EQ, in partnership with audEERING®, is unlocking new understanding domains in capital markets through cutting-edge voice analysis technology.
Speaker verification by audEERING® stands out because it is one of the few technologies capable of distinguishing individuals solely through voice analysis. This uniqueness is paramount, particularly when other biometric systems like facial recognition are not viable or desired.
The automatic speech recognition module from audEERING® is not just an addition to its technology range, but a decisive advance based on the fusion of ASR and vocal expression recognition. This promises to revolutionize the way we interact with machines via natural language.
Continuing our commitment to open innovation, audEERING® has made the expression model freely available on Hugging Face, which has been downloaded more than 3 million times in two years.
audEERING®, a leader in voice analytics technologies, has embarked on a strategic journey, offering both open-source models and commercial solutions. This blog series will explore the innovative open-source models for age & biological sex detection, and expression analysis.
The field of speech recognition has seen remarkable evolution, driven by a quest to make machines understand and process human language as naturally as we do. This journey, marked by key innovations and transformative breakthroughs, illustrates our progressive mastery over machine-based communication.
We are excited to announce a major release of the devAIce® SDK version 3.11, as well as devAIce® Web API 4.4, a milestone that brings plenty of enhancements and new features to empower developers in creating cutting-edge audio applications. 
We are thrilled by our days at VOICE & AI | SEPT 5-7 2023, Washington D.C.
audEERING, the German market leader for AI-based audio analysis, is cooperating with iMotions, the world's leading provider of software for interdisciplinary research into human behavior, to expand measurement and analysis areas in human science research. With the integrated voice AI component, the multimodal software suite takes on another dimension that provides insights into human behavior.
audEERING's ERA demo showcasing the integration of Voice AI into conversational AI agents marks a significant milestone in the realm of affective computing. By enabling AI assistants to comprehend and respond to human emotional expression, this innovation revolutionizes our interactions with virtual companions.
Following the recent SDK updates, we are thrilled to announce the latest enhancements in the devAIce® Web API versions. These updates bring a host of new features and improvements to empower developers in leveraging the full potential of our advanced technology. Let's explore the exciting additions in devAIce® 4.2 and 4.3.