Exploring the Evolution of Speech Recognition: From Audrey to Alexa

AI generated visual to represent development of speech recognition technology

The field of speech recognition has seen remarkable evolution, driven by a quest to make machines understand and process human language as naturally as we do. This journey, marked by key innovations and transformative breakthroughs, illustrates our progressive mastery over machine-based communication.

SHIFT – Cultural Heritage transformation project kicks off under Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe funding programme kicks of new research and inovation action via the SHIFT project

SHIFT: MetamorphoSis of cultural Heritage Into augmented hypermedia assets For enhanced accessibiliTy and inclusion supports the adoption of digital transformation strategies and the uptake of tools within the creative and cultural industries (CCI), where progress has been lagging.
audEERING is now participating in the SHIFT project with the goal of synthesizing emotional speech descriptions of historical exhibits. This will change the way one experiences a historical monument, especially for visually impaired people.

VDE Award 2019

VDE Award 2019 with the category startup received by audEERING

Last week audEERING won the VDE Award 2019 in the category „Startups“. The prestigious annual award is being granted to excellent and outstanding achievements in science and technology.

Robots interacting with autistic children

EU funded project robot ERIK is helping auistic children

Within ERIK, a German nationally funded research project about robot
interaction with autistic children, audEERING is developing software to
analyse and express emotional speech