Girls` Day 2023 – Promoting and motivating the next generation in the industry

Caro Bauer

As every year, we happily invite young and interested people to join us in the head office as part of the nationwide career orientation day Girls’Day for girls.
The German action day, which takes place once a year, serves to motivate girls to take up technical and scientific professions. We are also happy to offer insights into the world of programming with artificial intelligence and introduce our female CEO, Dagmar Schuller, as well as numerous other female employees from all areas of the Voice AI Software company.

Girls`Day 2023 at audEERING in Germany  for more interest in STEM Subjects

Are only boys and men interested in technical and scientific subjects (STEM Subjects)?

No, absolutely not! There are many reasons why more boys and men are currently interested in STEM subjects. A lack of talent on the part of girls and women is definitely not one of them. That is why it is especially important to motivate and support the next generation. Young people need role models and as many opportunities as possible to learn to really develop their talents and interests.

The event at the Main Office in Gilching, Germany

This year, interested parties were invited with the offer around the profession of IT specialist for application development or for data and process analysis. These training areas currently available with us, offer great international career prospects as well as interesting and wide-ranging learning opportunities.

For our program points were planned:

  • Exciting insights into our company itself and our speech technology
  • Vocational orientation around AI professions and the areas of responsibility
  • Many games and presentations around Audio AI. Among others, our data specialist Mariam Hemmer gave insights into the world of speech signals. The girls also had the opportunity to have their name visualized as a speech signal to take home
  • The girls were also able to gain an insight into female AI professions at audEERING and learn about Dagmar Schuller’s career path to becoming an IT CEO.

Thank you again this year for a great event and your visit. See you hopefully next year. Registration and offers can be found every year at the official website