SHIFT – Cultural Heritage transformation project kicks off under Horizon Europe

2022 10 20 SHIFTBlog Post blogheader

SHIFT: MetamorphoSis of cultural Heritage Into augmented hypermedia assets For enhanced accessibiliTy and inclusion supports the adoption of digital transformation strategies and the uptake of tools within the creative and cultural industries (CCI), where progress has been lagging.
audEERING is now participating in the SHIFT project with the goal of synthesizing emotional speech descriptions of historical exhibits. This will change the way one experiences a historical monument, especially for visually impaired people.

Human in the Loop – How Do We Create AI?

Human teaching two robots

Developing AI technology as we do at audEERING, we need to understand our human perception. Everyday perception is enabling us to realize the emotional state of our communication partner in different situations. In the process of Human Machine Learning we need to give the algorithm essential input. How do we at audEERING create AI?

Transparent AI Part 4: AI Applications, Types and the AI Effect


Here we are at the end of our series of Transparent AI with episode 4 of this series, talking about the applications of AI, types of AI, and the AI effect. If you haven’t seen the old episodes, please make sure to check them all here:  Transparent AI Part 1: It’s all about Emotions Transparent […]

Transparent AI Part 3: Machine Learning and AI Processes


In the past two episodes, we clarified the definition, and we learned one of the common ways to model emotions. In this episode, we want to see what are machine learning and artificial intelligence and how can we use them to create an AI agent. Teaching computers using the same rules as humans is called […]

AI vs. Corona: Detecting Diseases from the Voice


What can AI do in the fight against the corona virus? Audio AI can really move the needle in medicine as the magazine Nature recently published. Diseases like Parkinson’s, depression and COVID-19 have one thing in common: They affect the way a person’s voice sounds. Audio AI is key So, what are these changes and […]