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Our cutting-edge Voice AI technology enables machines to understand and respond to human vocal expression, ushering in a new age of empathetic interactions. audEERING® bridges the gap between humans and machines, creating a future where technology is in tune with our tone of voice.

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devAIce® is audEERING’s technology available as SDK, Web API and plug-in for XR applications. It brings all models together to provide you with the best solution and the best customization for your product.

devAIce® XR

devAIce® XR integrates expressivity into virtuality. It’s the plug-in for Unity and Unreal that brings a new depth of immersion to game engines with tone-of-voice expression understanding. devAIce® XR includes a selection of devAIce® modules.

AI SoundLab

Data is key! AI SoundLab is audEERING®’s audio data collector. Utilizing the ubiquity of microphones, we prioritize privacy and security to comply with GDPR. It’s the easy access to voice-based biomarker analysis.

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audEERING® is pioneering the field of artificial intelligence for voice applications to holistically decode human needs from vocal expressions and provide unique value to users in many uses. Overall, our work underscores the critical role of perceived expression and communication in shaping a more responsive and empathetic technological landscape.

Therefore, we are developing a holistic Audio AI solution that takes into account the complexity of expression and interaction.

We not only focus on vocal expressions, but also explore speaker attributes, acoustic events and scenes as well as vocal biomarkers to find vocal markers for specific diseases.

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