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in Voice AI

audEERING® is a world-leading innovator in Voice AI. Our technology can detect emotions and health information from the voice.

audeering audio AI technology

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Emotion and Scene Detection

devAIce® integrates audio analysis into your software or hardware. It is easy to implement and performs emotion and scene recognition in real-time or with batch analysis.

Acoustic Scene
Voice Activity

AI SoundLab

audEERING's Health AI Platform

Our Health AI study platform is suitable for your research on voice, health and AI applications. With over 20 years of research experience, audEERING is the perfect partner for audio data-based studies on AI SoundLab.

devAIce® XR

integrating emotions into virtuality

Emotion detection brings a new depth of immersion into XR-projects.


AI vs COVID-19

We are developing a voice-based COVID-19 test.


open source feature extractor

Widely applied in automatic emotion recognition for affective computing.


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audEERING® is a German company for audio AI applications. We develop innovative B2B software products for speech and audio analysis in the robotics, automotive, market research and healthcare sector.

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