audEERING at Devcom Tech and Tools Summit: Full Talk 2021

Caro Bauer

The first half of 2021 is already over and we are still dealing with the pandemic. However, it does not prevent us and the devcom team to stay idle. Just like the last year, I was again at the devcom Tech and Tools Summit 2021 to elaborate further on Emotion AI for the video game industry.

Devcom 2020

At devcom 2020 I have presented our vision and dived into the science behind Emotion AI. This year, I took a more practical approach and presented our vision for the future to you: solid case studies behind each one of them.


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From a Vision to Solid Case Studies

This talk, “Emotion AI for you and I“, opened up with a well-known visionary example of Emotion AI. In the movie “Her” from 2013, actor Joaquin Phoenix amazed audiences with a scene featuring a new type of immersive gameplay. Based on that vision of a futuristic game experience, I emphasized the important role of emotions in immersion. I presented entertAIn play, the product to support this vision. Further, I showcased the emotional intelligent VR communication assistant Iva, which was created by Dutch company the simulation crew utilizing entertAIn play.

Emotionally Intelligent Playtesting

In the second part, I emphasized the importance of play testing in delivering a great product to the users. Emotionally intelligent expression detection with entertAIn observe can speed up the testing process. I demonstrated this technology with the case of our customer PlaytestCloud.

Finally, I wrapped up the talk with the fact that the future is our choice. This leaves the audience with the decision to choose between a world that is emotional and immersive, or a world advancing only with 0s and 1s.