Voice Analytics

audEERING® is a world-leading innovator in Voice AI. Our technology can detect emotions and health information from the voice.

Voice Analytics
mobile audio AI

Driven by
AI Technology

We can track over 6,000 voice parameters in real-time. Our researchers utilize cutting-edge AI methods like deep neural networks and unsupervised learning. We process only high quality data, to optimize our models.

Emotional Interaction with Virtual Characters

Do you sound happy or bored? With the AI from audEERING®, computers can recognize emotions and react to them. This enables natural conversations and voice-controlled interactions. Like the VR simulator Iva, which is used to train staff in hospitals.

“Patient comfort techniques"
with simulation crew
Online Game Testing
with PlaytestCloud

Listen to
your Customer’s Emotions

Voice AI takes product testing to the next level. Learn faster, how your customers perceive your products. Emotion detection provides clients of PlaytestCloud with detailed information on their online-game-tests.

Voice Biomarkers aid Medical Treatment

Many mental and physical diseases change the voice. They affect the respiratory system or the muscles for controlling voice production. Voice AI detects even slight symptoms, significantly increasing the chances for early detection. With COVID-19 or Parkinson’s we reach up to 92% accuracy.

with Universität Augsburg
Headphones Elite 85h
with Jabra

Smart Products Adjust to Any Environment

Manufactures use our Audio AI to build smart products. Such as Jabras intelligent headphones with automated noise-cancelling, powered by our devAIce® technology. We identify the current environment and other relevant factors, by processing audio from built-in microphones. Our lightweight models perform in real-time, even with little processing power.

Powerful and

Accurate Performance

High Accuracy

Detecting Parkinson’s 
from the voice
GDPR compilant

Data Security

GDPR-compliant data processing on servers in Germany
Immediate Results

Immediate Results

Fast results based on very 
short voice recordings
Transparent & Safe Data Processing

Transparent & Safe Data Processing

audEERING® stands for transparent AI and data security in any product. We process data only on our own servers in Germany, complying with the highest GDPR standards. Saving only user-selected features, which leaves you in charge of your personal data.

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devAIce® – audio AI for software and hardware

Learn more about our devAIce®. audEERING®’s lightweight Technology for emotion detection, scene detection and many other purposes.

audEERING®, a german based AI company

audEERING® GmbH is a world leading innovator in the field of AI Voice Analysis. Learn more about audEERING® and our company’s vision.