Unveiling the Power of devAIce® SDK 3.11 and devAIce® Web API 4.4: A Deep Dive into the Latest Modules

Milenko Saponja

We are excited to announce a major release of the devAIce® SDK version 3.11, as well as devAIce® Web API 4.4, a milestone that brings plenty of enhancements and new modules to empower developers in creating cutting-edge audio applications. 

New Module for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) 

A standout feature in this release is the introduction of the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) module. Leveraging the powerful whisper.cpp library, this module opens a world of possibilities by allowing developers to transcribe spoken language into written text seamlessly. From now on, you no longer need to spend resources to integrate external ASR engines separately and combine them with audio analysis, as devAIce® provides an all-in-one solution. 

New generation of Speaker Verification Module 

Building on the foundation of the previous Speaker Verification module (Beta version), we have replaced the underlying model with a new one based on the latest deep-learning architectures. That resulted in a notable increase in accuracy, significantly reducing the Equal Error Rate (EER) down to just 4.3%, a state-of-the-art accomplishment. You can now achieve more robust speaker verification by reliably verifying a single speaker, pushing the boundaries of what was previously possible. 
It’s important to note that, due to the new underlying model, there is an increase in the resource usage and computational cost of the Speaker Verification module. 

devAIce® SDK support for CUDA GPU acceleration 

Responding to the increasing demand for accelerated audio processing, devAIce® SDK 3.11 introduces CUDA GPU acceleration. Tests demonstrate that by utilizing this feature,  devAIce® can run up to 30 times faster on a GPU! Beyond speed improvements, utilizing GPU resources can save many resources on the CPU, freeing up valuable processing capabilities for other tasks. 
CUDA GPU support is available for Linux (x86-64) and Windows (x86-64) environments, compatible with CUDA versions 11.X and 12.X. Notably, this feature is not enabled by default in the main SDK package; please contact us to explore this exciting capability. 

As always, we encourage all users of devAIce® to consider updating to the latest version to take advantage of model enhancements, bug fixes, and new functionalities. Stay at the forefront of innovation and discover the unparalleled potential of devAIce® SDK 3.11 and devAIce® Web API 4.4!