Case study with The Simulation Crew: Emotion AI for Patient Comfort

Caro Bauer

The human interaction between a doctor and his or her patient, is one of the most important processes when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of any disease.

Communication is Key for any Treatment

It has been scientifically proven that communication, as well as gestures and facial expressions, have an impact on the patient’s well-being and healing process.

Because of that it is very important to provide healthcare workers with the opportunity to make mistakes in a safe environment and to learn from them.

VR Solution as Safe Training Environment

VR can give them this safe environment.  The company The Simulation Crew developed a VR-based training solution, which includes Emotion Detection by audEERING. Through the VR- glasses and the VR-controller, the user has the feeling of really standing in front of a patient and taking care of him or her.

Training for any Type of Situation

If the system indicates that the patient is experiencing stress, the user has the possibility to apply stress-relieving techniques to calm the patient individually. The users can also try out the different techniques with different types of patients, e.g., for patients who are particularly shy or angry. The system therefore offers every user the perfect option to improve patient care without any risks.


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Roll-out in Hospital in the Netherlands

In a co-creation project The Simulation Crew and the Radboud University Medical Center joined their forces and rolled out the solution in the hospital. Watch the video for more information.

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