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audEERING meets the challenge

What do you expect from your car?

Maybe it’s a high level of safety in traffic while still being fun to drive, or just the best comfort possible.

The mobile demo app for drAIffect

Let audio help you


Our audio system can tell a lot about the situation in a car and about the car itself. Are there passengers, possibly kids among them? Is the driver tired or stressed? And last but not least: Does the car have technical problems which can be derived from certain sounds? Our product drAIffect can detect all this – from audio only.


Cars take care of their passengers

Voice control in cars is already a well-known technology. But how far can it really help you in improving your driving experience? At the moment it can only understand what the driver says, not how he says it.

Making a car emotionally intelligent is the next step to enhance comfort and security. BMW took on this challenge together with the audio intelligence provider audEERING.

Emotionally intelligent speech recognition in cars

The software and AI models developed by audEERING prooved to be reliable under real driving conditions. They benefit the safety, comfort and well-being of the driver as well as the passengers.

Are you interested in our automotive technology?

audEERING works on these new technologies with partners like BMW. Contact us for further information about drAIffect and our technological solutions for the automotive industry.

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