devAIce® integrates audio analysis into software and hardware. Leverage emotion detection, environment classification, and much more.

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Software or hardware – devAIce® is audEERING’s audio analysis for any product. It can detect emotions, scenes, and many other features from audio. Both real-time and batch processing modes are supported. Our AI models perform solidly even with limited CPU power.

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Key Features

Below you can find a list of the key features of devAIce®. You can also download our factsheet as PDF. For more information, we are happy to get in contact with you.

Choose from our basic models or customized combinations. We can detect emotions from audio alone, or combined from audio and text. 

  • Emotion classes (from audio): neutral, happy, angry, sad
  • Emotion dimensions (from audio): activation, valence, dominance
  • Multimodal emotion classes (from text and audio): neutral, happy, angry, sad
  • Multimodal emotion dimensions (from text and audio): activation, valence, dominance

devAIce® can distinguish between background noises and human voice. It is very power efficient with low resource utilization when idle. The distinction between speech and music is available as an option.

  • Age
  • Gender

Distinction of up to 14 pre-defined acoustic scenes:

  • Transportation: Car, Bus, Subway, Train
  • Outside: Nature, Park, Street, Pedestrian Street, Large space
  • Inside: Home, Bathroom, Public Building, Restaurant, Shop

Evaluate whether the speaker in a recording is the same as a previously-enrolled reference speaker.
Two modes are supported:

  • Enrollment mode: a speaker model for a reference speaker is created or updated based on one or more reference recordings.
  • Verification mode: a previously created speaker model is used to estimate how likely the same speaker is present in a given recording.

*Speaker Verification is currently in development and available in Beta version.

  • Statistical descriptors based on pitch and loudness of voices.
  • Speaking rate estimation in syllables per second.

Extract a selection of common openSMILE-based feature sets right from within devAIce.

devAIce® SDK:

  • Platforms: Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, ROS
  • Processor architectures: x86-64, ARMv7, ARMv8

devAIce® Web API:

  • Accessible from any browser or cloud service via HTTP
  • On-premise deployment as Linux virtual machine or Docker container

devAIce® is optimized for low resource consumption. Many models in devAIce® can run in real-time on embedded, low-power ARM devices such as Raspberry Pi and other SoCs.

Personal expression The tone of voice

Personal expression is transmitted through the voice. In our everyday lives, we automatically perform an auditive analysis when we speak to someone. devAIce® focuses on vocal expression and derives emotional dimensions from voice analysis.

Jabra headphones AI enhanced customer experience

Enhance your Customer's Experience in Realtime

While a train rushes by, the Jabra Elite 85h headphones automatically activate noise canceling. Thanks to devAIce® scene detection, Jabra customers enjoy the best sound quality no matter where they listen to music.

devAIce® SDK:
native on-device

The devAIce® SDK is available for all major desktop, mobile and embedded platforms. It also performs well on devices with low computational resources, like wearables and hearables.


devAIce™ SDK: 
native on-device

devAIce® Web API: cloud-powered,
native for the web

devAIce® Web API is the easiest way to integrate audio AI into your web- and cloud-based applications. On-premise deployment options for highest data security requirements are available.


devAIce™ Web API: cloud-powered, 
native for the web

devAIce® XR: the Unity & Unreal plugin

devAIce® XR integrates emotions and intelligent audio analysis into virtuality. The plugin is designed to be integrated into your Unity or Unreal project. Don’t miss the moment to include the most important part of interaction: Empathy.

Customers, Projects &
Success stories

audEERING reference Hanson Robotics

Hanson Robotics

Hanson AI. Developing Meaningful AI Interactions.
Hanson Robotics LTD. ,
AI & robotics company

Sales Boost

Based on the devAIce® Web API, SalesBoost developed its own metric to meet the needs of its customers.
Sales Boost LLC,
audEERING customer jabra GN

Jabra Elite 85h

These headphones offer an optimal sound experience thanks to intelligent acoustic scene analysis.
Smart Headphones,
by Jabra
audEERING customer PlaytestCloud


“With entertAIn observe we were able to massively shorten the analysis time.”
Christian Ress,
audEERING customer the simulation cres

Patient Comfort Simulator

“It helped us add a new layer of emotional interaction to our scenarios in VR.”
Eric Jutten,
audEERING customer emteq labs


“audEERING’s audio intelligence is a powerful and flexible component that can adapt quickly.”
Simon Clarke,
Head of Operations
audEERING customer 11880


The German call center 11880 uses callAIser™ for easier handling of their customers.
Emotional state,
callcenter performance
audEERING customer GFK

Market Builder Voice

“It detects certain aspects of emotions just as well from audio recordings as humans can do it.”
Prof. Dr. Raimund Wildner,
Managing Director & Vice President

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Learn more about devAIce® and how it will enhance and transform your product with modern, AI-driven functionalities.

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