EASIER: Voice AI for Barrier-Free Communication

Easier project with audEERING for Barrier-free communication helped by voice AI

The EU research project EASIER aims to design, develop and validate a complete multilingual machine translation system to serve as a framework for accessible communication for deaf and hearing people.

SEMULIN: Audio AI for Autonomous Cars

Blue Car

The market for autonomous driving is projected to grow from 5,7 billion in 2018 to 60 billion US-Dollars in 2030. This shows the potential this technology will have in the future and is one of the reason why the German government provided funding for project SEMULIN.

MARVEL: Audio AI for Smart Cities

Semulin project to use Audio AI for autonoumous cars - audEERING provides Audio AI

The market for smart city projects is huge and still growing. The project MARVEL aims at supporting data-driven real-time application workflows and decision-making in modern cities. For this real-time multi-modal smart city monitoring, audEERING provides its well-known acoustic scene detection.

WorkingAge: Improved working conditions for older workers

Project WorkingAge tool for monitoring stress levels

European Population is ageing and good working conditions are more important than ever. In a society where employment is prolonged to higher ages, a project like WorkingAge aims to promote healthy habits in working environments. audEERING is part of the consortium.

SPEAKER: Audio AI for Smart Speakers

European data security in a smart speaker audEERINg is part of developing this solution

The goal of the project SPEAKER is the development of an European smart speaker as competition to the American products on the market. This product should be characterized by European standards for data security. audEERING is part of the consortium to develop this solution.

Robots interacting with autistic children

EU funded project robot ERIK is helping auistic children

Within ERIK, a German nationally funded research project about robot
interaction with autistic children, audEERING is developing software to
analyse and express emotional speech