Affective Avatars & The Voice AI Solution

VR Avatars with Voice AI as the key factor - audeering

We use avatars to show our identity or assume other identities, and want to make sure we express ourselves the way we want. The key factor in expression is emotion. Without recognizing emotions, we have no way of modifying a player’s avatar to express their expression and individuality. 
With entertAIn play, recognizing emotion becomes possible.

A Devcom 2021 Panel Review: AI for Playtesting & VR

devcom panel 2021 review AI for playtesting and VR panel participants

Just like last year, we are proud that we got the chance to present our ideas and be part of the devcom Developer Conference 2021. We talked in a panel discussion about the entertAIn brand. If you missed the talk, watch it on our Youtube Channel.

New Ways of Human-Machine Interaction in Video Games

When you write a text message to your friend, call them, or meet them in a cafe, you are interacting with them. Any conversation can be an interaction. Interaction happens when two or more objects or agents affect one another. Some centuries ago, humans were mostly interacting with each other and their domestic animals, and thanks to evolution, we are equipped for that.

Thousands Tears for Video Games – The Role of Emotions

AI in Games about the new ways of human interaction in video games blog blog series

The role of emotions in video games is undeniable. Countless tears have been shed by unforgettable moments in video games. Whether it’s yelling in excitement, or screaming in fear, we can see a thousand cases that games made us emotional. Those were the moments we were connected to a character, a story, an event, or even an object so much that its elevation or destruction caused a shared reaction across all players in the world.