Help to Develop a Voice-based COVID-19 Test!

Detecting Corona from the voice? This vision could soon become reality thanks to our AI technology. Register now for our study!

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Covid multiplatform web application

Study on COVID-19 Voice Biomarkers

In collaboration with the University of Augsburg, we are developing the first voice-based COVID-19 test. We are collecting thousands of voice recordings for this in a scientific study. Register now for our portal AI SoundLab and take part in the study.

Security for
Your Data

We require health data as well as voice samples connected to SARS-CoV-2. All data is pseudonymized and stored under the highest security standards on AI SoundLab servers in Germany. Taking part in the study is completely voluntary. You can delete all your data and recordings at any time


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Voice Biomarkers - Detecting Diseases from the Voice

Diseases like COVID-19 change the voice of a sick person. They affect the respiratory system and the muscles needed for voice production.

audEERING’s Audio AI analyses over 6.000 parameters from the human voice and can detect this subtle differences. Our technology is already being used to treat other diseases such as Parkinson’s.

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Rapid Test on the Smartphone

With Voice Biomarkers, it would be possible to detect COVID-19 by voice in a matter of minutes. Using only a single sensor: a microphone.

Step 1:
Collecting Data

For Building a Voice Biomarker on COVID-19, we need health data to feed our AI Models. Therefore, we have created a COVID-19 study on AI SoundLab.

How to record your voice with the app

Step 2:
Training an
AI Model

Our prototype has already an accuracy of 82%. To improve this, our AI researchers use the collected data.They train the AI model with millions of data points and improve the algorithm.
Our goal is to create a Voice biomarker to detect COVID-19 with a very high accuracy.

create health AI models

Step 3:
Create an App

Voice biomarkers are not only very accurate, the AI models behind them are also very lightweight. They can be run on processors of mobile devices like smartphones.
For this purpose, audEERING will create an mobile app, which does collect audio data and give results.

AI SoundLab AI analysis for covid biomarkers

An App with Audio AI against COVID-19

Smartphones allow recording in sufficient quality and have enough processing power to calculate results in the shortest possible time.

No messy swabbing, no plastic waste, as with disposable tests. An affordable and scalable solution, even for countries with lower healthcare budgets.

audEERING’s Plattform
AI SoundLab

Learn more about our Audio Plattform. The basis for our Audio AI Technology.

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Voice Biomarker
and Health AI

How can we detect diseas from Voice? Learn more about health applications for our intelligent voice anlysis.

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