CES 2019: The Elite 85H with crystal clear audio quality made by audEERING’s technology

Caro Bauer

Imagine being on a train while you are on your way to work, listening to music without any disturbing sounds from your surroundings. Sounds too good to be true? It is in fact possible, if you have the right audio quality and the right headphones.

Jabra and audEERING attending CES 2019

At CES 2019 Jabra (booth location: LVCC, South Hall 4 – 35205) and audEERING present the newest Elite 85h headphones with context intelligence technology. This product enables among others the functionality outlined in the beginning of this post. Our joint vision is to provide people with audio solutions based on the concept of smart sound: no disturbing sounds while listening to music or making phone calls, but a crystal clear audio experience and all that automatically.

6000 unique sound parameters

So, how does this technology work? Context intelligence by audEERING uses real-time acoustic scene analysis of environmental sounds. The technology can detect more than 6,000 unique sound characteristics and uses this to adapt audio output to each specific context. This means that when moving from a noisy train station into a quiet train carriage, the context intelligence technology will take notice and will automatically adjust the audio to the changed surroundings. It will select one of the three modes: “Commute”, “In Public” or “In Private” to guarantee a consistent quality for your audio experience.

Which use cases are there for these headphones besides the music example mentioned in the beginning?

  • Great quality phone calls on the go: The context intelligence technology enables you to make phone calls on the go without street noise by amplifying your own voice and filtering the disturbing sounds of your surroundings.
  • Blocking all sounds for concentration: Imagine e.g. you are at the airport and want to use waiting time for working, but your environment is too noisy for that. The earbuds enable you to block all sounds.
  • Automatic and manual change: You can either let the technology automatically detect which scene you are currently in and choose the mode that matches or choose it yourself according to your specific needs.

If you are at the show, check out the new headphones yourself at the Jabra booth (LVCC, South Hall 4 – 35205) and talk to us for more information how this technology works.