audEERING at VOICE & AI in Washington D.C.

Dagmar Damazyn

We are thrilled by our days at VOICE & AI | SEPT 5-7 2023, Washington D.C.

Florian Eyben (CTO & Co-Founder) and Milenko Saponja (Product Owner devAIce®) introduced the groundbreaking world of genuine empathic voice-to-voice conversations enabled by our innovative devAIce® technology.

60+ hours of program content created for the global Voice AI community

VOICE & AI is the world’s largest voice technology event, hosted in Washington, D.C., September 5-7 2023. It offers an inclusive community, a focus on educational content, and a protected space where innovation can thrive.

Sponsored by some top brands like Microsoft, VOICE & AI is the premier event that brings the global natural language and generative AI communities together. VOICE & AI is where you can experience custom assistants, digital humans, ChatGPT apps, and open-source platforms, and discover the latest innovations in conversation design, conversational AI, machine learning, LLMs, data training, and prompt engineering.

The complete video on Voice & AI can be found at this link.

audEERING’s devAIce® technology for recognizing emotion in voice enables breakthrough, truly empathetic voice-to-voice conversations for the first time.

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