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Audio AI Made
in Germany

audEERING® is a German company for responsible Audio & Voice AI applications. develop innovative B2B software products for voice and audio analysis. audEERING has over 70 employees, working in our headquarters in Gilching, hightech park next to the DLR, and in our R&D office in Berlin-Mitte.

Our Management

Dagmar Schuller, CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Florian Eyben, CTO & Co-Founder
Prof. Björn Schuller, CSO & Co-Founder

Our Management

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audEERING® was founded in 2012. It emerged from Prof. Björn Schuller’s AI research group at TUM. Today the company is led by CEO Dagmar Schuller, CTO Dr. Florian Eyben and CSO Prof. Dr. Björn Schuller. We believe in flat hierarchies, personal responsibility and agile adaptation to markets, customers and projects.

Research in
Audio AI

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We don’t need magic, we do science. As a research-driven company, we use the latest machine learning methods, unsupervised learning and deep neural networks. Every day, we gain deeper insights into audio signal processing and optimize our AI models.

Research in 
Audio AI
Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development

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Frontend and backend – the development team puts our AI technology into action. They create our online platform AI SoundLab, product SDKs, web and native apps, and much more.


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Training AI models is not possible without a good database. As we only use high quality audio data, the data team is a integral part for our technology. We process data automatically with the latest systems. The team filters and evaluates external data or generates own data in scientific studies. Support us in the data team or help as an annotator to evaluate recordings.

 & Sales

Marketing &

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Spread the word! At audEERING®, marketing and sales work hand in hand. Regardless of whether you are interested in branding and social media or have a natural talent in selling – the Marketing & Sales team is the right place for you. We explain our complex technology to our B2B customers and help you to find optimal solutions.

Finance, HR &

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Administration is the backbone of our company. The team enables sustainable collaboration by coordinating cross-departmental processes. They ensure that all financial and administrative processes run smoothly. In addition, they create the most pleasant working environment and thus benefit the success of audEERING®, our employees and projects.

Finance, HR 
& Administration

devAIce® – Audio AI for software and hardware

Learn more about our devAIce®. audEERING’s lightweight Technology for emotion detection, scene detection and many other purposes.

audEERING: AI made in German

audEERING is a world leading innovator in the field of AI voice analysis. Learn more about the company and our vision.