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audEERING’s technology is based on
decades of renowned scientific research.


audEERING’s roots at the TU Munich

audEERING was founded in 2012 as a spin-off of a former research group led by the internationally renowned affective computing expert Prof. Dr.-Ing. Björn Schuller at Technische Universität München. Our sensAI technology is based on decades of renowned scientific research of Prof. Schuller and his Machine Intelligence and Signal Processing group at TU Munich.

opensmile professor schuller and his team

audEERING is the creator and owner of the well known audio analysis toolkit openSMILE. This software enjoys a reputation beyond reproach, as openSMILE is able to perform a wide array of tasks. It is applied in commercial products, scientific research projects and academic projects alike.

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Our open source solution

It is a widely used feature extraction and pattern recognition tool which is applied for a large variety of different usecases. You want to know more? For further details and a free trial version of openSMILE click the button bellow.

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SMILE is an acronym for speech and music interpretation by large-space extraction. The openSMILE feature extration tool enables you to extract large audio feature spaces in real time. It combines features from Music Information Retrieval and Speech Processing. Written in C++ the feature extractor components can be freely interconnected to create new and custom features, all via a simple configuration file. New components can be added to openSMILE via an intuative binary plugin interface.

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Progress never stops

Still active in research projects

Furthermore, audEERING is consortium member of various funded projects. Among others, we are partner within different governmental projects funded by the European Comission and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).