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With our audio AI you can add emotions as an additional layer in gaming and evaluate content in all kinds of media.

audEERING offers a variety of services for media and entertainment companies. We develop intelligent algorithms and models based on audio analysis for consumer electronics which are based on decades of internationally renowned research of the founders’ team. Our sensAI technology can automatically detect over 50 emotions in real time from the voice.


Including the gamer’s emotions and solid Voice Activity Detection

We enable you to include the gamer’s emotions in the game and change its course based on their emotional reactions. This makes e.g. completely new storylines possible, but also parental control. Parents can receive a warning when their children gets too emotionally involved in the game. Furthermore, we offer Voice Activity Detection (VAD), which only detects who is speaking – no disturbing sounds e.g. from the keybord.


Automatic age rating

With our technology video streaming providers and TV stations can evaluate content only from audio and automatically generate recommendations for age ratings. For age ratings it is often key how somebody says something and not only what. This can be very well detected from audio. Automatic recommendations for age ratings save a lot of time and costs in the process of creating them because only small parts of a movie have to be reviewed e.g. and not the whole content.


Detecting the acoustic scene around you

Context intelligence by audEERING uses real-time acoustic scene analysis of environmental sounds. The technology can calculate more than 6,000 unique sound characteristics. This means, when implemented in a device like headphones, the context intelligence technology will recognise your surroundings and automatically adjust the audio when moving from a noisy train station into a quiet train carriage.

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audEERING works on these new technologies with international partners like Jabra. Contact us for further information about our tailored technological solutions for the media and entertainment industry.

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