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How to feel a product

Detecting Emotions from your customer

What do your customers really feel when they interact with your product? Our technology tells you in real time.

Most methods used in traditional market research and call centers cannot detect if a person really means what he or she says or e.g. speaks ironically. Our applications examAIner and callAIser can. They measure emotions as an additional level of information.
Our software measures emotion as an additional level of information. Based on intelligent algorithms and models for audio analysis we offer tailored solutions for market research and call centers. Our sensAI technology is the foundation of all our industry-specific solutions and enables to detect over 50 emotions directly from the voice – without any body sensors.

Software for Professionals

callAIser and examAIner


The emotion detection application for call centers.

Real time emotion detection: the software detects the agent’s and the caller’s emotions.

Instant support for agents: agents get reliable data about the emotional status of the client in real time and supervisors can intervene e.g. if the client’s anger level reaches a critical point.

Training and evaluation: data can be used for training new and existing employees.


The emotion detection application for market research.

Evaluation based on four values: sincerity, interest, engagement, excitement are scientifically proven values for market research.

Objective analysis: no “guessing” of emotional reactions anymore.

Reliable results: the vocal markers which examAIner measures are based on subconscious physical and mental reactions. Therefore, test persons can hardly consciously manipulate these factors.

audeering partners with GfK

What the client says

The GfK case study

What does your customer really want? To tackle the challenge of detecting emotion in market research reliably the German market research company GfK partnered with us. Together we developed the “Market Builder Voice”, which enables GfK to analyze voice recordings. Read the whole story.

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