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audEERING® is a German Company for Voice and Audio AI applications.


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Voice AI Made in Germany

audEERING® is a German company for Voice and Audio AI applications. We are a research-driven enterprise, focused on innovative B2B software products for voice and audio analysis.
audEERING® has currently over 70 employees, working in our headquarters in Gilching, in the high-tech park next to the DLR, and in our R&D office in Berlin-Mitte.

Our Company Profile

audEERING®’s roots trace back to the AI research group by Prof. Björn Schuller (TUM). Together with Dagmar Schuller, Dr. Florian Eyben, Dr. Felix Weninger and Dr. Martin Wöllmer, the company was founded in 2012. audEERING® develops applications for voice analysis, Emotion Detection, voice biomarkers for detecting diseases and much more.

Our internationally renowned research team has over 20 years of experience in Audio AI. We create innovative AI solutions for B2B customers. Our technology is used in products for emotion and scene detection, for gaming and game testing as well as in the healthcare sector. Our products are available as SaaS and SDK solutions. audEERING® is owner of the open-source audio analysis toolkit openSMILE.

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Our Customers

Prof. Dagmar Schuller,
CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Florian Eyben,
CTO & Co-Founder


Today, audEERING® is led by CEO Prof. Dagmar Schuller & CTO Dr. Florian Eyben. The Governance Board, including internationally renowned experts, advices on the management level.



Headquarters in Gilching

Our headquarters are located
in the high-tech park near the DLR.

Friedrichshafener Str. 1,
82205 Gilching

Phone: +49 8105 7756150
Fax: +49 8105 7756152

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R&D Office in Berlin

Our R&D Office
is in the city center of Berlin.

Friedrichstraße 153a,
10117 Berlin

Phone: +49 8105 7756150
Fax: +49 8105 7756152

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in Science

audEERING® was awarded with a rare Proof-of-Concept Grant by the European Research Council. Funded under H2020 for Excellence Science, audEERING® developed its patented VocEmoAPI technology as trendsetting and market disrupting technology. We are consortium members of various EU- and BMBF-funded research projects, providing and advancing leading Audio AI solutions.

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audEERING® wants to shape the future. Therefore we are a active member in many associations:

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Awards &

audEERING® received many awards and recognitions for its cutting-edge technology:

  • VDE award 2019
  • Vision award 2019 
  • Innovationspreis Bayern 2018 
  • Vendor to watch 2017 – Gartner
  • BVM Innovation Prize 2017 
  • Innovator of the year 2017
    dmexco digital innovation world cup

Audio AI

audEERING® is a world leading innovator in Voice AI. Our technology can detect emotions and health information from the voice.

devAIce® – Audio AI for Software and Hardware

audEERING®’s lightweight technology for emotion detection, scene detection and many other purposes.