cloud-services-licensingaudEERING offers commercial licenses for the popular audio analysis toolkit openSMILE as well as various sensAI products for audio analytics built on openSMILE and proprietary technology of audEERING as web-services.

Our sensAI products are available as software-as-a-service web-APIs or on-premise VM server installations. Commercial openSMILE licenses and licenses of the sensAI-base product for custom developments are also available – you can integrate these modules into your custom projects. Here, we offer two licensing models: server licenses (for operating a service in a data centre), or end-user resale licenses (for distributing copies of a software product which includes our software products).

Our sensAI APIs base and emotion are available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Two different SaaS models are offered:

SaaS web-service
The service is hosted by us either in US or EU data centres. The service is intended for processing speech data which does not contain personal or sensitive information.

On-premise VM SaaS
In case of extended data-privacy or export restrictions, we also offer on-premise services, which are provided as a virtual machine image to be run on your data-centre infrastructure.

Batch analysis

For applications in which audio does not have to be analyzed in real-time, our batch analysis service can be used. Here, audio is uploaded, then analysed and a report is returned when ready.

Real-time streaming analysis

Real-time streaming analysis is the method of choice whenever audio needs to be analyzed in real-time while it is being streamed to the server.

openSMILE commercial licensing


For custom developments or joint developments with audEERING, we offer licenses for the core openSMILE software, as well as commercial add-ons such as voice activity detection (VAD), gender recognition, speech denoising, and speaker segmentation. These licenses are available either for batch or stream processing (server instances) or for re-sale in end-user software packages.

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