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Our study platform for your research on voice, health and AI applications.

AI SoundLab
Online Platform

The first online platform for researching language, health data and many other parameters in one application. AI SoundLab combines a powerful survey tool with the latest AI voice analysis. This allows 360 ° insights for the development of voice biomarkers, automatic speech analysis and much more.

AI SoundLab audio AI platform
AI SoundLab audio AI App

Holistic Approach:
Physical and mental health studies

AI SoundLab can monitor health developments, provide analysis for diagnosis, and collect data for the development of voice biomarkers. Human experts can use health data enriched by AI technology for quicker diagnoses. AI SoundLab process all data under the highest security standards in Germany.

Our Vision:
A Voice-based Health Application

Our vision with AI SoundLab is to substantially improve individual health. This technology will make a big difference for the increasing neurodegenerative and neurocognitive diseases. AI-based voice biomarkers will enable disease screening, early symptom detection, and enhanced therapy in the future.

Detecting Diseases from the Voice with 92% Accuracy

Both physical and mental illnesses are reflected directly in the voice. audEERING has been developing precise voice biomarkers that can be used to diagnose neuronal diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or viral infections like COVID-19.

Secure, Reliable, and Transparent

In order to achieve the highest level of accuracy, we combine the following features: the results of AI-supported speech analysis, user-related health data, compact questionnaires, and the knowledge of human experts. In all this, the patients always have an overview of all their data. You can also download our factsheet as PDF.

Case Study

This Safetytech Accelerator pilot was a collaboration between Hilo, TORM, and audEERING to gain insights into the psychological well-being of mariners. 

The resulting case study demonstrates the use of the human voice to gain insights into maritime mental well-being.

AI SoundLab Covid Study

Voice-based COVID-19 Test

audEERING’s AI systems can recognize even slight changes in intonation, intensity and tempo, as caused by COVID-19. Together with the University of Augsburg we created a study for a voice-based COVID-19 test. The result: Our AI system can achieve an accuracy of up to 82% regarding the detection of the disease.

Audio AI in Health: Voice Biomarkers

Detecting diseases from the voice? What initially sounds like a futuristic scenario could soon become reality thanks to modern AI technology.

Voice Study for COVID-19

In collaboration with the University of Augsburg audEERING conducted a study about developing a voice-based COVID-19 test. We have collected thousands of voice recordings in this scientific study.