Jibo uses audEERING technology for human-robot interaction

Applying audEERING’s sensAI Voice Activity Detection (VAD), the US social robotic company Jibo, Inc. makes its robot reacting to human voice even when speech is superposed by music or street noise. Jibo is equipped with 360 degree microphones and can turn in direction of the user which generates a feeling of social interaction.

By combining Jibo’s video recognition with audEERING’s speech analysis technology, Jibo recognizes up to 16 different people based on face and voice and greets them individually. Currently, the robot is available on the US and Canadian market.

In the near future, Jibo will not only react socially competent but also emotional. Jibo will be powered by audEERING’s sensAI Emotion technology to recognize speaker states and react accordingly. More information on Jibo can be found here.

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