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Developing tomorrow´s game culture! In the summer of 2019, we challenged young game developers to be part of a bigger journey in the history of video games. They used audEERING’s emotion detection and crafted their own games! Using one of the most advanced software systems for real-time detection of emotions from audio, they developed a new experience in a matter of three months. Here are the winners and some impressions from their creative work.

Review of GaCha2019

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The technology behind the challenge! We provided the participants of the challenge with a revolutionary technology. entertAIn play is our tool for detecting the players‘ emotions through audio. It provides six default emotions, which can be integrated by drag-and-drop in no time. entertAIn play performs on any platform, from a VR headset to a casual mobile phone.

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by Amirreza Moeini-Yegane

Protect the nexus from evil hands! Moeini-Yegane created a fascinating TPS fantasy game, where the player has to secure the nexus temples. You slip into the role of the goddess Elise and her companion Opana, to fight evil demons and robots and bring back balance to the world. Use emotions in your voice to form to charge up your ultimate healing spells and unleash magical powers.

A compelling scenario combined with the beautiful character design and above all a unique way of integrating emotions into the gameplay and combat system made “Destiny” the unchallenged first place in GaCha 2019. Thanks to Amir-reza Moeini-Yegane for his amazing contribution.



by Christos Krilis

Become the master of the black market! In the times of wizards and warlocks, the hidden dungeons of the the black market were the place to trade powerful magical objects. In Christos Krilis’ unique game, the player uses emotions from voice to trigger magic spells, unlock cursed treasure chests and conjure a vast variety of magic runes.

“Black Market” combines a fantastically animated mystery-setting with clever puzzle games including intelligent use of emotions. This impressive game reserved Christos Krilis the second place.



by An Ngo Tien and Thai Do

Powered by emotion. In the arcade-style VR game of developer-duo An Ngo Tien and Thai Do, the player has to fight his way through hordes of enemies. The more enraged you are, the higher your damage, while being relaxed helps you to regenerate faster.

Using emotion as an input, An Ngo Tien and Thai Do enabled easy and intuitive character adaptation. With “Masher” they showed how fun it can be to play a VR game infused with emotion detection which can affect the environment. A well deserved third place.

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Extracting emotions from audio. audEERING has developed the leading emotion detection technology for human voice. We detect over 50 emotions. In this challenge, the participants received a model with the following basic emotions: happiness, excitement, anger, sadness, relaxation, boredom. In addition to that, they could work with the following details of the voice: urgency, control, and pleasantness.


The user shall be encouraged to use the microphone for interaction through game design.


The emotion model identifies the type and score of the aforementioned emotion.


The output values can now be used to trigger events in the game (e.g. animations).


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