Björn Schuller explains emotion recognition on CACM channel

In a video on the Communications of the ACM (CACM) channel, audEERING CSO Prof. Björn Schuller explains two decades of speech emotion recognition research. He summarizes the review article “Speech Emotion Recognition: Two Decades in a Nutshell, Benchmarks, and Ongoing Trends” which appeared in the May 2018 CACM. Prof. Schuller highlights that speech driven user interfaces become more and more common but are still lacking emotion modelling, which is an important aspect in natural interaction.

The video contains an overview over the most important milestones of speech emotion recognition, such as the first patent in 1978, the first paper on affective computing using Long Short-Term Memory neural networks in 2008, and first attempts in 2016 to use end-to-end learning for emotion recognition. To learn more about applications, challenges, and future trends in emotion recognition, watch the video!

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