Prof. Klaus SchererĀ (Research Associate)

Klaus Scherer (PhD Harvard University) has held professorships at the University of Pennsylvania and the Universities of Kiel, Giessen, and Geneva. He is currently an honorary professor at the University of Geneva and the University of Munich. His extensive work on different aspects of emotion, in particular vocal and facial expression and emotion induction by music, has been widely published in international peer-reviewed journals. Klaus Scherer is a fellow of several international scientific societies and a member of several learned academies. He founded and directed the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, held an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council and has been awarded honorary doctorates by the University of Bologna and the University of Bonn.

At audEERING, he contributes leading psychological and voice physiological knowledge and coordinates the VocEmoApI project funded by the European Research Council (ERC), a proof-of-concept successor to his ERC Advanced Grant.

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