audEERs_smallaudEERING develops intelligent audio analysis algorithms and provides consulting services to help you integrate next-generation audio analysis technology into your products and your workflow. Our technology is based on decades of solid, published scientific evidence and uses our popular open-source speech and emotion analysis framework openSMILE as core.

Our technology listens “between” the lines of text and gives you what speech recognition, for example, cannot give you. Based on decades of scientific research in the fields of psychology, linguistics and voice research, electrical engineering, and computer science, we offer customized products that analyse the acoustics of speech and music signals. Our technology detects when and how something is said, not what.



audEERING has its headquarter at the high-tech-campus Gilching-Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich in the Bavarian five-lake country. It was founded in 2012 as a spin-off of a former research group led by the internationally renowned affective computing expert Prof. Björn Schuller at Technische Universität München. audEERING develops technically leading solutions for automatic and intelligent music, speech- and generic audio analysis based on innovative digital signal processing algorithms, psychological models, and deep autonomous learning on Big Data to power future intelligent speech interfaces. We are at the international forefront of affective computing from voice and research on automatic speech and audio analysis. Our core area is detection of emotional states, and speaker states (intoxication, sleepiness, etc.) and attributes (e.g. age, gender, personality), from the tone of the voice. Applications areas for our technology are the sectors of Health/Wellbeing (esp. mental health and neurological disorders), Smart Assistants, Automotive Safety & Comfort, Service Center Management, Customer Relationship Management and Market Research. Our customers include multi-national corporations such as Huawei, BMW, GfK, Red Bull Mediahouse.

audEERING was named as one of ten “Vendors to Watch” in the area of artificial intelligence by Gartner, Inc. (May 2017) and is partner in EC H2020 projects, BMBF projects, and grand host of the European Research Council for Excellence Science in emotion and speaker state recognition. In October 2017, audEERING won the Digital Marketing Innovation World Cup and was awarded as “Innovator of the Year” at Europe’s largest marketing trade fair DMEXCO.

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