Big Data AI Summit: Talk on Voice Biomarkers

©2021 audEERING GmbH       Susanne Reichert        28.05.2021

The Corona pandemic shows us the need for intelligent technical solutions in medicine. Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the health sector in the next years. We are developing voice biomarkers at audEERING and that is the reason why our CEO Dagmar Schuller recently held a talk at this year´s Big Data AI Summit. Her topic was “Audio AI in medicine – is the voice the new blood? “. The Big Data AI Summit is Europe’s leading conference on the practical application of artificial intelligence and big data in business.

The Voice as Source for Information on Health

To speak just a single word, a very complex production system in our body is needed. A lot of information is actually stored in how we produce our speech. A vast series of muscle groups are actually associated with speech production like the vocal folds, vocal cords, tongue, chest, and breast muscles. If some of them are not functioning correctly or if there are dysfunctions in these muscle groups, they can be detected with Audio AI.

Disfunctionalities in the Voice

The human voice can be really helpful when it comes to the diagnosis and prediction of certain diseases that show voice dysfunctionalities. Audio AI offers the chance to enormously improve especially the diagnosis and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or depression. Voice biomarkers can be trained to detect these diseases in an early stage.

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of Health AI and voice biomarkers, watch the full talk and feel free to contact us.

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