A Sneak Peak into Fido’s Memories Demo

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If you have been following our social media channels, you might have heard that we released the first demo version of Fido’s Memories after Gamescom. Now, the second release of the demo is here, and in it, we can see new models and settings in place.

First Emotion AI pet game ever

Fido’s Memories demo is the first game of its kind integrating audio Emotion AI. It means that you can talk to your pet and interact naturally. We have seen a lot of virtual pets in the past. Starting from Tamagotchi, we have this integrated into Sims these days and so many people still take care of their Pou.

We know that in the future, we will reach a point where our interactions with virtual characters will be as natural and emotional as in real life. You can find such visions in the pop culture in movies like “Her” (2013) in which the main character simply interacts and plays using natural language. Although pretty vulgar and funny at the same time, it depicts a future where we can play video games and interact with the characters naturally.

Fido reacts to your emotions from your voice

Here at audEERING, we want to make sure that this envisioned future is not so far away. Fido is a demo game that shows the idea of emotional interaction with a pet to teach him some basic skills.

Fido is using audEERING’s entertAIn play under the hood. It allows him to understand human emotions from the voice of the player. Currently, he is trained to differentiate between a happy and an angry voice for positive and negative feedback. It also demonstrates the role of emotions in forming intelligent behavior.

Watch the video and download the game

You can watch this short video and download it for free. It’s available for Windows now.
So, download the game, grab your headphones, and try it out!

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