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March 26th, 2020 – The shutdown due to the coronavirus is a time of separation and social distancing. Like in many other companies at audEERING we have been working from home for several weeks now and meeting our colleagues only in video conferences. Which is a challenge to all of us, both professionally and on a personal level. But this time also gives chances, to explore and refine new forms of work and practice distant socializing.

When the nationwide “Girls’ Day – Zukunftstag” was canceled, audEERING reorganized its plans for the event in Gilching and designed it on short notice as an online workshop and opened it up to girls and boys. And since the new “AI Girls / Boys Day” was now taking place online, there were no limits in access – for the original “Girls’ Day” 30 girls had signed in, virtually there were 80 participants, 74 girls and 6 boys between the age of 10 and 17. And the new form of this event also allowed pupils to take part, who wouldn’t have had the chance to come to our headquarters in Gilching, like students from Stuttgart and even Bergen in Norway.

Like last year, when audEERING invited girls and young women for the first time on “Girls’ Day”, Dagmar Schuller, co-founder and CEO, and Simone Hantke, Lead Project Manager for Data Intelligence, gave insights to their work and answered questions about careers and procedures in an IT-company – as an entrepreneur and as a developer and data analyst.

“…that artificial intelligence,
which everybody talks about, was shown and explained…”
Anouk, 14

One part of the four-hour program was about the question, what is the meaning of AI, where and how it is already present in everyday life and in which apps it is used. The participants got the chance to try out intelligent apps for themselves. With the Emotion Coach, which was specially programmed for this purpose, they trained the AI with their emotional expressions in a fictitious environment of a virtual actors’ academy. The underlying sensAI technology from audEERING is capable of recognizing 50 speaker states and emotions such as joy or anger.

Anouk, 14 years old, from Munich, was inspired by the practical approach on AI: “I really liked, that Girls’ Day could take place this way and that artificial intelligence, which everybody talks about, was shown and explained in practice.”

“…the developers had at least as much fun as we students.”
Chiara, 15

Gaming Apps were Chiara’s special interest, as the 15 years old, from Stuttgart told: “The topics I was mostly looking forward to were: AI in everyday life and video games. It has always fascinated me. Trying out the apps was really exciting since we had an insight into how they have been developed. The explanations were great and the developers had at least as much fun as we students.”

An impression Simone Hantke shares. She appreciated especially how the pupils used the chat during the workshop. Her perception was, that many participants were more daring to ask questions via chat and that they also used it to help each other, as at the start of the event some participants had problems with the installation of the software.

Dagmar Schuller was also thrilled with the success of the “AI Girls / Boys Day”: “I’m incredibly happy that we all managed to get the event online so quickly. Our goal was to give the students exactly the knowledge and the practical experiences that we conveyed on-site last year. I think we were able to motivate some of the participants to approach computer science and the professional field of developers. It’s a great feeling in these times”.

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