©2019 audEERING GmbH       Senka Thomas, Head of Marketing         24.09.2019

Yes, we did it again! audEERING won another award! September 19, 2019, the Vision Award was presented in Cologne. It is Germany’s start up award with the longest history – 13 years in a row (initiated back in 2006) the jury is nominating and evaluating breakthrough visions in technology, mobility, sustainability and anthying that opens the door to a better tomorrow for all of us.

Working on a Green Future

This year forward-looking business ideas were rewarded focusing on climate change innovation and how AI can help building better and healthier lives. Offering a scalable, globally deployable AI-based technology audEERING made a bold step towards the future in digital health, digital well-being and any devices where voice and context can be extracted for information analysis & processing. Visionaries in all industries are looking for ways to apply AI to enable new customer experiences, drive business and even change the world.

 audEERING’s audio AI in the focus

audEERING has impressiveley proved to the jury that we care about  a transparent, human-centerd AI that will help people in their every day life. Empathic AI is on its way! We are ready to feel the difference! Celebrate with us here: Vision Award 2019.

Dagmar Schuller, CEO and Co-Founder of audEERING, received the Vision Award 2019 in cologne. © 2019 Simon Hecht Photography

Top-Speakers and prominent guests made their introduction at the concession,  including Prof. Axel Ockenfels from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, Daimlers Head of Digital Transformation Sasha Pellenberg and Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart.
audEERING is also proud to stand in a line with other great companies, trying to better the future. Green City Solutions were awarded for fighting air pollution with their fantastic concept of scalable CityTrees made from moss and Port Energy Logitics, whose Ocean Waste Recoverer is a promising solution for cleaning the oceans. We congratulate all winners and keep envisioning a better future. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

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