3 questions about Gaming
to Soroosh Mashal

Software Engineer and Gaming Expert

audEERING is currently hosting a Game Challenge – the GaCha 2019 – which aims at young talents among developers, who want to integrate cutting-edge technology in their demos and games. Because of this we sat down for a short interview with our gaming expert Soroosh Mashal, asked him what makes gaming and game development so special to him and what advice he has for the developers, who enter our challenge.

1. What makes game development special to you?

Well, I started gaming when I was a child, and ever since then, I was immersed in the world the developers and designers had created for us. Through games I learned to be a better person, I learned languages and valuable traits, like selflessness and leadership, which lead anyone human being to a successful life. And I simply want to make sure that I play my role in making such a world for the next generations. We climbed to the shoulders of giants, now it’s the time to take a flight.

2. Which trends are the most important ones in the gaming industry right now?

Fundamentals give us the most valuable insight. In video game industry, anything which added a new input to the virtual world revolutionized the industry. Whether it was a simple console, or Virtual and Augmented Reality. Now the AI technology has provided us with fundamental tools to do the next revolutionary input. Emotions. It’s time to complete the circle. With the help of Emotion AI, not only games can induce emotions in us, but also we can affect the games with our emotions.

3. audEERING is hosting a Game Challenge right now – the GaCha 2019. Which recommendations do you have for young developers who want to participate?

Well, it’s not that hard to see the pattern. You are a dreamer, you wanna be the harbinger of the next revolution, hop on and realize your idea. Years from now, all games will understand our emotions. The question is: Will you be the one who starts this and get the big piece of cake? Or you will be the one sitting aside and only talking about innovation and reading news about it?