We make games emotional!

Meet us at Gamescom in Cologne (21.-22.08.18)

Gaming is an emotional topic by definition. If you are a gamer, you know how deep you can enter into what is happening on the screen. At this year’s Gamescom the motto is “The Heart of Gaming” and this fits perfectly to our projects in this field. We will take the gaming experience to the next level by making games even more emotional. Every gamer might have different emotions at certain stages in a game, but at the moment this does not change anything in the way he experiences it. Our emotion recognition technology enables game publishers to add the users emotions as an additional layer to the game. The story or certain actions could change based on the gamer’s emotions.

Furthermore, our voice activity detection technology enables speaker diarisation: This means, it detects automatically who is speaking in a multi-player game, so that the user does not have to activate voice chat by pushing a button.

Last but not least we enable parental control by detecting if children get too excited and making the game slow down. This sounds interesting to you? Then meet our colleagues in Cologne and contact Bernd Zeilmaier (bzeilmaier@audeering.com) now.