audEERING analyzes spontaneous visitor emotions at DMEXCO 2017

As participant in the final of the Digital Marketing Innovation Worldcup, audEERING provides a hands-on demonstration of its sensAI emotion-from-speech technology at dmexco 2017. Visitors were asked to verbally describe their experience at the event while sensAI captured their speech and assessed their affective state.

The study was conducted through a smartphone app which let participants rate their experience numerically on a scale of 1 to 5, as well as, more intuitively, through their own voice by speaking short comments (2-15 seconds) to the app.

In subsequent evaluations, the emotionalness in all gathered recordings was compared to the respective responses in the conventional rating system, grouped by age and gender of the visitors. As indicated in the attached chart, a notable correlation exists between the two metrics. In fact, emotions detected from speech appear to provide even superior separation of negative and positive visitor reception than the traditional rating system, which allows for more finegrained analysis of verbal feedback.